Thursday, December 1, 2022

White Paper Gathering (2 Dec, 3 pm, Jantar Mantar)

Join us in solidarity with the on-going “White Paper” protests in China

The protest is being hosted by Tibetan Youth Congress in India 

-If you stand for a democratic India, come support protests for a democratic China! 

-If you’re on the Left, stand with China’s people not its oppressive regime! 

- Any regime that sees all protesting citizens as enemies of the state, as agents of foreign powers is by definition a dictatorship not a democracy. 

- Any person or group that brands protests in China or Iran as “CIA-backed regime change” or “colour revolutions” - cannot be a fighter for democracy in India, let alone a Left revolutionary fighting for the freedom of all humanity. 

- People, not regimes constitute a nation. If a regime is oppressive and undemocratic, people have every right to change it! 

- Some mock the protestors for being in a minority, claiming that the majority support the regime. But in China as in India, UK or USA, to express dissent even while in a minority proves one’s moral and physical courage. 

Come with blank sheets of paper to Jantar Mantar on 2 Dec at 3 pm - come show solidarity with Chinese, Uyghur, Tibetan people fighting for freedom and democracy! 

Come even if you’re in a minority, even if your community, your comrades hesitate to join you! Show the way of truth and justice, and they may follow tomorrow! 

- Activists Kavita Krishnan and Tenzin Tsundue, and Tibetan Youth Congress

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