Saturday, January 16, 2021

When I heard my inner call for arts

  I surrendered to my creative side as a painter 

: 16th January 2021: (Kartika Singh//The Women Screen)::

As a self-taught artist, my journey began with a keen interest in artworks by the great masters  blended strokes to add a dreamy perception and richness to my paintings. 

Years after leaving college and living as a house wife, I surrendered to my creative side and restarted as a painter. I quickly discovered that I was happiest and most fulfilled when I was painting.  

A born nature-lover, I chose to settle with a theme of floral paintings. My love for gardening enhanced my passion for this theme. It seemed like a natural process. I feel emotionally overwhelmed, excited, totally inspired and glad to paint florals. Loving what you do really does make your life grand! 

Sometimes, I also paint serene woman and mostly combine these woman with the flowers to create a joyful view. 

I work in oil on canvas, using 4 to 6 layers of thin colors with blended strokes to add a dreamy perception and richness to my paintings. I use small details and contrasts of light and dark as tools for making magic, bringing the onlooker to a peaceful state. Memories and photographs taken during my various journeys are a wonderful source of inspiration as well. 

My goal as a painter is to bring the overwhelming beauty of the nature from the outside, into our living space. I make a humble effort to immortalize the beauty of nature on my canvas. I want my paintings to create an aura of positive, soothing vibes around the surrounding space so that they become powerful enough to heal and nurture anyone emotionally, spiritually and psychologically, in the most natural way.


Oil on canvas The story- Many a times, we wish for something ,just without any reason or rhythm. This girl, serenely sitting on steps with wall art behind her just thinks - what if the flowers from the wall come out or the butterflies start clicking
 And lo!! A beautiful butterfly comes from nowhere 
& starts charming her! 
The manifestation of her wish brings a smile on her face. 
 I hope my art brings a smile on everyone’s face